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Address:No. 116, Buxin Road, Dabu Lane, Guanlan Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China
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Credit File
Company: Shenzhen Yijiaxin Electronics Co., Ltd. Company type: Enterprises (Manufacturer )
Region: China/Guangdong/Shenzhen Company Size:
Registered Capital: Unfilled Registration Year: 2017
Data Certification:
Margin: Paid $0.00 USD
Business model: Manufacturer
Business Scope: Development and sales of electronic components, inductors, filters, transformers, magnetic faults, coils, network transformers and electronic products; optoelectronic products, LED light source products, LED lamps, magnetic materials, electromechanical eq
Major Business:
Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecoms / Electronic Compnents & Supplies / Optoelectronic Displays / LED Displays
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