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Consumer demand boosts the new model of LED display industry
Release Date:2019-10-13        Views:96        Back to list
In 2019, the end-users have a steady development. The growth demand is mainly concentrated on small-pitch, heterosexual screens and function screens. These screens will have a qualitative and quantitative leap. Display companies must rely on the enhancement or application of their own product models. Innovative and other ways to complete the anti-war of the new model and ensure their own profit growth, the era of China's LED display industry's big reshuffle is about to take shape. The formation of the new model also has new advantages.
LED products can be said to be ubiquitous in people's lives, such as general lighting, indicator lights, TV/note screens, cell phone backlights, etc., and now in the car parts are also increasingly important; LEDs are smaller and more reactive than traditional bulbs. The advantages of faster speed, long life, less attenuation, environmental protection and low current and voltage make LEDs more and more important in automotive lighting applications. However, in recent years, they have been driven by Chinese manufacturers. The city has caused the Taiwan LED factory to retreat and the industry has become a miserable industry.

In the ever-changing science and technology, people are increasingly demanding consumer electronics, and the end products are gradually increasing in the demand for parts. In terms of notebooks, the difference between the number of LEDs required for general notebooks and e-sports/commercial notebooks It can be as much as a hundred times, and even in the e-sports notebook part, LED scene light is gradually introduced, in order to allow players to be more "experienced."
In addition, the industry's most concerned Mini LED related applications, for example, the 27-inch desktop e-sports display with Mini LED backlight, the LED usage is about 4,000-12,000, plus the independent control of multi-zone backlight, help In order to improve the contrast, it will bring a better visual experience to the players. With the demand for quality and performance, the industrial demand released is undoubtedly a new generation of "transfer" for LED manufacturers.
There are also explosive business opportunities in the vehicle parts; automotive LEDs are currently mainly used for taillights, and the penetration rate has increased year by year, because in the case of in-car audio, the average usage of each vehicle in the past was about 4-6, with consumers. For the improvement of in-car audio-visual entertainment requirements, the number of medium- and high-end models has now exceeded 10, and the emerging electric vehicles are quiet on the road, warning the passers-by and drivers, and must install the outside speakers in the future. Demand is expected to grow even more.

In the future market, one category in the segmentation category will form a number of strong brands, and new brands will continue to emerge. Because the same type of products in the industry are common in peripheral equipment and software, and are applicable to a variety of products. In the small-pitch field, product enhancement and brand competition have become a scale, and there is an unstoppable future development trend.